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DISCLAIMER: Erin Littlewood is a Certified Aromatherapist, not a licensed healthcare practitioner. The information provided on this site and during counsel is intended for educational and/or inspirational purposes only. The information on this site and presented during counsel is not intended to diagnose or treat illness and any holistic health tools discussed are not intended as prescriptions. For chronic health conditions, please visit a qualified licensed healthcare provider.

Through a rich and unfolding understanding of botanicals and story, I create blends and provide Reiki to help support the mind, emotional heart, and spirit.

Custom Blending

If you would like a custom-made blend based on your emotional/spiritual needs, I will require a general intake typical to traditional aromatherapy counsel by phone, Zoom, or in person, if possible, then we will discuss your emotional/spiritual challenges and needs as you feel comfortable. Please note: I am not a licensed mental health professional. For chronic mental health concerns, please seek help from a qualified professional.

Custom Blending Counsel includes:

  • 30-minute phone or in-person session
  • One, custom made blend
  • Emailed notes about the blend
  • $95 for 1 ounce; or $55 for a 1/3 fluid ounce rollerball with notes
  • Blends for diffusers also available upon request. Prices will vary depending on the oils used


AromaReiki is my practice of employing aromatherapy with Usui Reiki. As with more traditional aromatherapy counsel, I require a brief intake followed by a discussion where we discuss your emotional and/or spiritual challenges. I then select essential oils to help support your Reiki session and can create a custom blend for your personal use to serve as a powerful guide during and after your session.

Each AromaReiki session includes:

  • A guided meditation in support of your personal needs
  • Custom aromatherapy
  • Intuitive Reiki
  • Oracle Guidance
  • Discussion
  • Follow-up notes about the blend and intuitive Reiki

AromaReiki Pricing:

  • 60-minutes with aromatherapy single note $100
  • 60-minutes, plus 1/3 fl oz custom rollerball blend $125

NEW – Express AromaReiki 30-Minute Sessions

  • A guided meditation in support of your personal needs
  • Custom aromatherapy
  • Intuitive Reiki
  • Brief Discussion

Express AromaReiki Pricing:

  • $50 with aromatherapy single note
  • $75 with a 1/3 fl oz custom blend

Please note: At this time, masks are required for in-person service. 

What about Distance AromaReiki?

Distance AromaReiki can also prove effective if we are unable to meet in person. In this case, we follow the same intake and discussion process as noted above. I will then create a custom blend for you, send it your way, and provide distance Reiki and specific guided meditation support either connected by phone, Facetime, or Zoom. The cost for this option is the same as an in-person AromaReiki session, plus the cost of shipping the blend.

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