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DISCLAIMER: Erin Littlewood is a Certified Aromatherapist, not a licensed healthcare practitioner. The information provided on this site and during counsel is intended for educational and/or inspirational purposes only. The information on this site and presented during counsel is not intended to diagnose or treat illness and any holistic health tools discussed are not intended as prescriptions. For chronic health conditions, please visit a qualified licensed healthcare provider.

Hello, I’m Erin! Welcome to Five Sisters Wellness. I encourage coming home to yourself through holism and story. Simply put, I offer consultation as a certified aromatherapist and seasoned writing consultant and editor. While these two practices may seem like an odd couple (and a marketing department’s worst nightmare), I’ve found that helping others unlock their stories and soul through aromatherapy and writing has offered a deepening understanding and appreciation of self, increased clarity, and momentum in their world. And it makes me feel so good to see them go out and work their magic! You’re welcome to hang out and cruise around the blog, but just so you know, I don’t share step-by-step aromatherapy recipes, or super awesome tips on how to write a bestselling book (this isn’t that kind of blog).

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Would you prefer to ask questions based on your specific concerns? A typical aromatherapy session lasts for 60 minutes, via phone, Skype, or in person (if within the Omaha metro area), where I will ask you some important questions about your health and some basic lifestyle habits (for example, how much caffeine you typically consume, your exercise regime, diet, sleep habits, etc.). Based on your responses, and provided you don’t require medical care from a licensed healthcare practitioner, I’ll offer some aromatherapy educational resources for you to consider, including information about specific oils, aromatherapy recipe suggestions, and other holistic lifestyle modification suggestions, all of which are presented to you as optional educational tools for your consideration.

60-minute phone or in-person session with emailed notes: $45

Intuitive Custom Blending

If you would like a custom-made blend based on your emotional needs, I would require the same intake process as described in Aromatherapy Counsel, then we would discuss your emotional challenges and needs as you feel comfortable. This option is ideal for those who would like to bring peace and understanding to their emotional world and for those who practice chakra balancing. Please note: I am not a licensed mental health professional. For chronic mental health concerns, please seek help from a qualified professional. 

60-minute phone or in-person session, one (up to) two ounce custom blend, emailed notes about the blend: $65

Refills: $20 for 2 ounce blends; $15 for under two ounce blends

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Creative Holistic Wellness Practice

If you’re interested in incorporating a writing practice as a powerful part of your holistic wellness plan, this option may be for you. As well as offering general and specialized aromatherapy counsel, I can help guide you toward finding your voice on the page as an integral step on your path toward discovering your overall wellness. This process is as unique as you, and there are no grammatical or literary rules to follow, so don’t worry about how you’ll sound, spelling errors, comma usage, or even sharing it with another. This process if for you and you only. You choose how much or how little we focus on writing.

60-minute individual sessions with emailed notes: $75
Ongoing coaching: 3, 60-minute sessions with emailed notes: $200

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Manuscript and Book Proposal Review

If your manuscript is in final draft form, I can offer a thorough review providing critical feedback regarding overall structure, voice, writing, and themes, with an eye toward market comparison. This process is primarily intended to provide writers with feedback aimed to help support their creative process and manuscript’s development rather than provide “how to become a bestseller” advice. Once the review is complete, we will schedule an up to 1.5 hour phone, Skype, or in-person consult (if within the Omaha Metro area), where we will discuss my review notes and suggestions, and your questions.

While I’m flexible about genre, I’ve grown to desire working with writers who have the guts to dig deep and deliver some raw, powerful, enlightening, and honest truth. My ideal project is something that has the ability to change my life because that’s the book I want to give to everyone I know. If you’re brave enough to write it, I would be honored to have the opportunity to read it.

Genres Accepted: Self-help/Discovery, Personal Transformation, Spirituality, New Age, Parenting, Memoir, Narrative Nonfiction, YA, Women’s Issues, Women’s Literature.

Genres Not Accepted: Genre Fiction, Children’s, Business and Finance, Christian and Religious, Men’s Interests

Editorial: $45 per hour. I will typically spend anywhere from 20-40 hours on a manuscript, depending on length, quality of the text, and market evaluation. You will be given a quote based on an approximation of time I feel the manuscript will require to review.

Book Proposal Review

If your nonfiction book proposal is ready to submit, I will be happy to review and offer an agent and editor’s critical feedback with an emphasis on writing quality, competitive analysis, market, and promotion. You will receive my detailed notes and suggestions prior to a scheduled phone or skype session, where we will discuss editorial and marketing suggestions as well as your questions.

Typical Review: 10-15 page proposal with 3 sample chapters; up to 1.5 hour phone consult to discuss emailed notes: $300

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*Erin Littlewood earned her Certificate of Aromatherapy from The American College of Healthcare Sciences, Portland, in January, 2017. She regularly leads aromatherapy classes and workshops in the Omaha area.
**Erin earned her BA in English from Iowa State University in 2002 and has worked professionally with writers and authors as a literary agent, editor, and writing coach for 15 years. She has edited several Amazon bestselling and award-winning titles and has placed books with publishers such as Simon and Schuster, Avalon Press, Sourcebooks, Taylor Trade, and others.