As an herbalist, I’m continually amazed with the power of our plant allies. I’m especially fascinated with scents – they trigger memories for me, taking me back in time, or to other places, and I’m often overcome with emotion. 

Erin is an aromatherapist/artist, and I especially appreciate her approach and skill in choosing and combining essential oils that send me on a journey. Erin listens to my story and then designs a scent that is therapeutic and poetic at the same time. – Lisa Grabenbauer, PhD, Owner and Creative Director, Prairie Star Botanicals, Omaha, Nebraska

Even though I have always believed in serendipity and coincidence as a kind of real world magic, I am always astonished by it. Erin and I recently reconnected online on the same day I had been thinking about trying to find a Reiki practitioner as a sort of pandemic-related cabin fever relief. It was meant to be. We talked about things I wanted to address and what I needed, about health issues and intentions and dreams, and within a week or so, she sent me the most perfect blend of oils, a singular combination of scents that reminded me of everything I needed to be reminded of. We scheduled a phone Reiki session for shortly after and when the day came I wasn’t sure what to expect, but her insights moved me to tears. Erin is a true empath and her ability to listen and guide is a gift. I’m so grateful to have been on the receiving end, it truly did feel like magic. – Deirdre Lewis, Writer, Los Angeles

One of the best overall experiences (inside and out) that I have had…ever. So grateful! – Kael Welch Sagheer, Omaha

Erin’s presence is so gentle, safe, and nourishing. The entire time I was with her I felt held, tended to, and cared for. The insight she offered was so incredibly helpful! She was able to find and share with me this profound link that was missing in my understanding of myself for a long time. Her intuition is absolutely spot on and her aromatherapy offering could not have been a more beautiful experience. She listens to the soul’s whisper, and I would recommend her services to anyone who wishes to connect with themselves at a deeper level. – Taylor Matulka, LMT, Reiki Master, Omaha, Nebraska

Erin has a gift as an aromatherapist and is honing her skill through Reiki. She is so careful to truly understand your spiritual self and to delicately guide you through a nourishing, safe, and healing Reiki practice. Her understanding of the healing properties of oils is truly magical and is currently guiding me in a more authentic form of myself. I left my Reiki session feeling like a door had opened and am grateful for her healing tending to my spiritual self. I highly recommend Erin for a safe, healing and transformative Reiki healing practice. – Brittany J, Omaha, Nebraska

Erin’s oil-blend creations have been such a beautiful addition to my way of living with intention! I love how I spend time sharing some of the personal experiences I might be having and offer Erin a few requests for energies to help encourage what I feel I need most. She has such a gift for deep listening and intuitively creating blends that embody and inspire EXACTLY what I need to support my journey. They each have their own unique scent and energy, and are always created with Erin’s originality and genuine love.

The blends are more than just scents that I wear, they serve as anchors for my attention and focus to return to the deeper intentions I have chosen. In my opinion, they serve as medicine for the spirit and soul. – Sarah Paasch, Pharm.D, Intentional Living Coach, Intuitive Astrologer, Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Reiki Healer, Huntington Beach, California

To be wrapped and cradled in a scent that is just right for you is more helpful and healing than all the pharmaceuticals in the medicine chest. Erin Littlewood helped me to understand this and so much more about aromatherapy. She understands that it is both an art and a science with a long and interesting history, and each essential oil has its own uses and contraindications. I have attended a couple of Erin’s workshops, and she formulated a serum that my Sahara Desert skin loves!

A gifted aromatherapist, Erin takes the time to visit with her clients and understand their particular needs before guiding and giving suggestions. I highly recommend her. – MB, Yoga Teacher, Omaha, Nebraska

Erin Littlewood is a treasure to our community. She has many gifts, but the one that enriches so many of our lives is her knowledge of aromatherapy. She imparts this knowledge in a relaxed, enjoyable manner, including in her instruction the history, uses, contraindications, and benefits, both physical and emotional. She is keenly aware that individuals react in different ways to an essential oil, and generously allows her students to experience each one on their own. When blending, she conscientiously asks for what the individual is seeking in the blend, and does a masterful job of developing the most beautiful combinations.

Not only does she do all that, but since she is an accomplished writer, she expresses the characteristics of each oil, leading the reader to want to go out and try some new oils. Reading her blog about oils is like a restful retreat away from home. – Karen M., Yoga Instructor, Retired School Psychologist, Omaha, Nebraska

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Erin for nearly ten years, as a writing coach, editor, aromatherapist, and dear friend. In that time, I’ve learned NOT to be surprised by all of her talents. She is passionate about her clients’ wellbeing in mind, body, and spirit.

Most recently, she also mixed up an incredible, customized essential oil blend of liquid confidence that is delightful and soul-satisfying. Erin has the intuition and expertise to guide you toward what you really, really want, with humor and a heap of kindness. If you are looking to take the leap, put your faith in Erin and hold on tight because you’re about to soar! – Erin Shachory, Yoga Instructor and Author of Muse Warrior, Agoura Hills, California