Five Sisters Wellness was created from a strong passion to approach wellness creatively and to connect and share with people who have inspiring, raw, beautiful, and painful stories to share. People who experience on an intuitive and physical level the undeniable truth of how our inner world affects our overall wellness. People who no longer accept the story that compliance and packaged convenience equals better. People who rock boats, agitate, educate, and inspire us to action. People who live their art and are open to the wonders of life.

Meaningful and lasting wellness is the result of doing what’s challenging, scary, and sometimes, heartbreaking, while appreciating what is truly magnificent in our life. And that process is as unique, creative, and nuanced as each one of us.

As a certified aromatherapist educator and as a writer and editor who has felt the vibrant support of holism and the transformative power of story and writing, I believe, live, and educate the following to the best of my ability, which is what you’ll find communicated in every blog post, workshop, and in one-on-one work:

The transformative power of writing

What story are we writing about ourselves on the daily? Is it true? Are we allowing space for creativity? The practice of writing, whether it’s private journaling or creating content to share with others, gives us clarity, compassion, courage, and the ability to transform our lives and the world around us. We are living, breathing rough drafts, after all. Writing is oftentimes the first step toward creating meaningful intention, action, and growth.

The power of vibrant holistic and magical living

Vibrant holistic health is a daily practice of choosing what will truly feed us – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s as simple as that. We don’t need to spend mega bucks on essential oils, superfood powders, and supplements to become well. Health begins with choosing the most nourishing, life-giving food over packaged and processed foods. It begins with choosing to take care of our emotional health and saying no to whatever is not right for us. It’s choosing to see the magical little miracles that surround us and being wholeheartedly grateful for them.

The power of intuition

Intuition is a little bird pecking at your windowsill. It’s a nagging thought that won’t go away. A gnawing in the pit of your stomach. A calm knowing. It’s the voice that is always bringing us back to our path. We become dis-eased when we ignore this voice. We may get anxious, depressed, angry. Yet when we do follow our north star, inspired things happen. Synchronicities transpire. We become empowered.

The power of compassion

Sometimes the hardest part of living well is finding compassion for ourselves when we feel so unworthy. To access compassion for ourselves and others, we must grow comfortable with holding our mistakes, messes, and shadows and recognize every person on this planet is holding their own bundle of shit. Lasting wellness begins when we’re able to understand and make amends with our mistakes, grow from them, and see that others are trying their best to do this, too.

The power of community

C.S. Lewis wrote, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, what, you too? I thought I was the only one.” No path toward wellness was ever meant to be walked alone. Whether you live in a city with thousands like you cultivating wellness through holistic, creative living, or whether you feel like a lone wolf in your rural town, finding and tending to your wellness community is something that will truly feed you. There may be times when all you feel you’re able to do is receive. And other times when you have plenty to give. Energy, time, heart, attention, resources. Your community is your strength. Your friends and family, light bearers. You are a light bearer, too. Never underestimate this power, my dears.

Thank you for being here and thank you for considering this resource.
Be well.

DISCLAIMER: Erin Littlewood is a certified aromatherapist, writer, and editor, not a licensed healthcare practitioner. Any information on this website is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended for prescriptive or medical advice. Please see your licensed healthcare provider for chronic physical and mental health concerns.

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As a young mother of two beautiful boys, I graduated with my BA in English from Iowa State University. I worked as a literary agent in the Los Angeles area, and later, a freelance editor and writing coach, and editor at a hybrid publishing company in Omaha. Many of the authors I’ve had the great fortune to work with are super cool and talented human beings whose award-winning work topped the charts for their respective genre on Amazon, and appeared in popular trade and mass media outlets. My work has appeared on LitReactor, Soul Pancake’s The Writer’s Kitchen, as well as other blogs. I’ve been published in Fine Lines, Line Zero, Making the Perfect Pitch (Watson-Guptil), and Author 101: Bestselling Secrets from Top Agents (Adams Media).

I have also worked a tremendous amount of retail and have worn many name tags. I currently help manage a major health food store and love the gig. Omaha is home to my three children (I was blessed with a girl quite a spell after the boys were born), rescue kitty, Mittens, and myself. I begin and end each day in wonder, grateful for the many light bearers I’ve met and continue to meet on my path, grateful for their stories, their heart, and grateful for the space they’ve held for mine. In my free time, you’ll find me hiking the Loess Hills, roaming the prairie, or, of course, reading a book.