Aromatherapy Abstract Shop

Well, it’s been a few years in the making – I’ve finally launched my little aromatherapy shop – Aromatherapy Abstract – on Etsy. You’ll see several of my most popular blends with many more on the way. Going through my aromatherapy recipe box, over the past 4 years, I have created more than 75 blends including custom blends, blends for retail, and blends I make for family and friends, not including all my practice assignments and failed attempts. I’m proud of this work.

I’m sure you’ve probably seen the quote expressing what you’re buying when you buy from local artists. You’re not just buying the product but acknowledging and honoring hundreds of hours of experimentation, education, and moments of frustration and joy. And so much more. It’s true.

My yoga teachers were my first customers. I can’t express the deep gratitude and love I felt in my heart when they bought my rollerball blends to use on students in class, including me. I felt I had come full circle. I was well enough to create again and people believed in my work.

When you buy from local artists, you’re helping us continue to do work that is meaningful for us. You are also saying, I believe in you. We are so glad you love what we make. We’re glad it makes you happy. We’re glad it fulfills something important in you and serves you. It fulfills and serves something deep within us, too. We share this experience and connection together.

To all those who have supported my work throughout the years, especially Karma Yoga Omaha, Prairie Star Botanicals, Omaha Whole Living, my wonderful Omaha yoga teachers and their students, my dear yoga teacher friend in California and her yogis, my clients, and so many others, I sincerely thank you.

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