Before considering the Five Sisters blend for purchase or use, please review the important disclaimer and safety information at the bottom of this post.

Growing up, my four older sisters were often a rich and reliable source of love, cookingprotection, healing, and guidance (they still are!). In creating a name for my aromatherapy business, I wanted the name to both honor the special relationship my sisters and I share while alluding to the power of women in community. And so, Five Sisters it was. As is often the case with most close-knit communities, each of us play an important role within the group, each sharing our own innate gifts. I tend to think of essential oils, and most things in the natural world, the same way – we all serve a special purpose, never to be discarded or discounted. Some of us seem to be born knowing our purpose and pursue it early on, full steam, while some of us may be considered late bloomers – blossoming into our gifts further down the road a stretch. Either way, when we’re surrounded by a supportive community, we tend to feel more grounded in our journey and arrive at our destination at just the right time.

Creating the blend that would become Five Sisters was an exercise in creative play, I suppose. It wasn’t my intent to go into my magical kitchen and create something with an exact purpose, but that’s eventually what happened. Earlier this year, I purchased palo santo in its essential oil form and began to explore its use and fragrance alone and combined with other oils. I discovered a little palo santo goes a long way as the scent can easily dominate a blend. As I began to play with oil combinations, I imagined a blend that represented a powerful community of healers, like my sisters. I felt drawn to some of the more activating essential oils and those with a wide therapeutic range, to compliment palo santo’s scent and actions. This blend was to have several purposes: to support immune function; to serve as a personal smudge; to restore focus; and revitalize the senses. And so, it finally came down to a blend of lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, and palo santo. Let’s explore.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia): Lavender is known as the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils. With such a wide therapeutic range, if there was only one essential oil you could afford to supplement your first aid kit with, lavender would be an excellent choice. For the purpose of this blend, however, lavender was selected for its ability to soothe nervous tension and transmute negative energy.

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus): Eucalyptus is known as a breathing oil. A favorite scent often misted in steam rooms, eucalyptus helps to open bronchial passageways and clear the sinuses for easier breathing. Eucalyptus can also be diffused or applied topically in a carrier oil to help release symptoms of an oncoming cold. Energetically, eucalyptus invites us to breathe deeply, mindfully, and know that all is well.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita): Peppermint offers cool relief to achy muscles and is a favorite in blends aimed to help release head, neck, and shoulder tension. Peppermint is also a reliable sister when helping to open sinus passageways. Its refreshing energy encourages us to find focus in the here and now. What deserves our attention?

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis): Since ancient times, rosemary was used as a strewing herb to help cleanse the air in the home and public spaces due to its strong antiseptic and antiviral qualities. A go-to herb during the times of the plague, rosemary has a rich history of being used to help ward off or shorten the duration of a cold or virus. While it enjoys many beneficial uses, it was selected for this blend for its revitalizing, stimulating, antiseptic, and antiviral qualities. Did you know rosemary has some antidepressant action as well? Take a whiff of fresh rosemary and notice how you feel. Energetically, rosemary asks us to remember what is important. It brings us back to our intrinsic good nature while sweeping away what doesn’t serve the highest good.

Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens): Known as holy or sacred wood to the indigenous peoples of Mexico, Ecuador, and other South American countries, the wood of the palo santo tree is often burned as part of a smudge ceremony, much like the indigenous North American Plains tribes burn cedar, sweet grass, and sage to clear away negative energies. As an essential oil, palo santo’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic action helps to support our immune system while also providing some aid to achy muscles. Energetically, palo santo helps to purify our space and invites wisdom from our elders.

To top off this blend, we selected a clear quartz crystal rollerball. Clear quartz crystal isFive_Sisters_Blend_590x said to be a very powerful ally in our wellness, as it is thought to amplify our intentions. So apply with care and positive, affirming thoughts. As you do, consider removing the word “fight” and “protect” and replace with “support” or “guide” and see how that shifts your meditation or approach to the day and your wellness.

Here’s hoping you hug your “sisters,” in whatever form you find them, a little tighter. We all do a little better when we know we’ve got each other’s back.

To purchase Five Sisters, please visit my friends at Prairie Star Botanicals in Blair, Nebraska or order online here.

Disclaimer: This post is written for educational/inspirational/metaphorical purposes only and is not to be substituted or conceived as medical, diagnostic, and/or prescriptive advice. Any statements found here have not been approved by the FDA. Please refer to your licensed healthcare professional for questions and concerns. Please refer to your licensed healthcare professional for chronic health and mental health issues. Never ingest essential oils, never place essential oils in or around mucus membranes, and always keep them away from children and pets. Always practice essential oil safety best practices and always check each oil’s contraindications before use.

Do not use Five Sisters if: pregnant/nursing; with history of epileptic seizure; if being treated for high blood pressure. Do not use with children under the age of 12. Avoid use when taking other homeopathic medications as this blend may effect the medication’s efficacy.